About Gary P. Cosgrove

An individual committed to higher education, Gary P. Cosgrove joins Keiser University as Associate Vice Chancellor of Operations. The role affords Gary P. Cosgrove the opportunity to share the gift of learning with a wide population of students as he manages campus locations across Florida. In addition to supervising several statewide Florida campuses, he works every day toward the institution’s larger goals and maintains close communications with the Chief Officer of Operations.
Cosgrove laid the foundation for his career through rigorous education. He completed undergraduate studies at Indiana University, where he was included on the Dean’s List and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Education. To further his skills, he subsequently attended Butler University and completed numerous courses toward his Master’s in Education.
Before assuming his current position at Keiser University in 2006, Gary P. Cosgrove held a number of roles with ITT and company subsidiaries for more than 25 years. He served as Director of Personnel with ITT Publishing, and Corporate Director of Human Resources with ITT Employment Training and Systems. In his final post with the firm, he acted as Campus President of ITT Technical Institute and employed a successful campus start-up campaign, garnering the ITT Regional Director of the Year Award for three consecutive years.
In addition to his ongoing engagements with education, Cosgrove enjoys a number of hobbies and community appointments. He fulfilled a number of positions within the Very Special Arts group, including President, and offered contributions to numerous animal rights groups. In his free time, he enjoys mountain biking.


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